Industrial Concrete Coatings in Houston and Nationwide

Companies, facilities, and organizations across Houston and elsewhere in the United States can benefit from unrivalled concrete coating procedures when they partner with Prepco Flooring, LLC for durable commercial and industrial concrete coating. Giving your base concrete floor a special coating multiplies its durability, strength, and resistance to substances, which means you can skip on frequent repairs and instead stay at ease knowing your flooring can endure all kinds of activities and traffic.

Why Opt for Our Industrial Concrete Coating Solutions?

  • While concrete is more durable than other kinds of flooring, it can still break and crumble under heavy loads of equipment or impacts and other daily stress.
  • Concrete coating, especially epoxy, can help your floor endure more intense temperatures and corrosive chemicals. This is especially important for laboratories, industrial plants, or factories.
  • The layer of coating over your flooring makes it easier to clean and maintain versus when your concrete floor is bare and rough. The coating also keeps any material from sticking or seeping into the concrete.
  • Industrial concrete coating gives your floor a much higher resistance against corrosive and harmful chemicals, which makes fire and other types of chemical damage easier to contain.
  • The coating will also make your floor look more appealing compared to if it’s bare concrete.

Our Commercial and Industrial Concrete Coating Solutions Include:

  • Cement Urethane Mortar Systems
  • Epoxy Mortar Systems
  • Decorative Broadcast Flake and Quartz System
  • Wall and Containment Systems
  • Thin Mil Epoxy and Urethane Systems
  • 5s Compliant Floor Marking Systems

Give us at Prepco Flooring, LLC a call to give your flooring the added protection it needs. We provide a wide variety of industrial epoxy flooring solutions not only in Houston but also across the entire United States. Simply visit our contact page to get in touch.