Concrete Resurfacing in Austin, Texas

Every Concrete Resurfacing Project is Done by Experts
People immediately thought of replacing their concrete flooring in Austin when it started showing signs of deterioration, sincethat was their only option in the past. Well, gone are those days. The flooring industry of today has reached new heights. There are several concrete flooring solutions now that will help you make the most of your floor and save you from the expensive cost of replacement.

What is Concrete Resurfacing?
In the simplest terms, concrete resurfacing is the process where layer’s of polymer modified or cement based overlay is applied onto a deteriorating concrete surface. This is mixed with special bonding agents to ensure that it strongly adheres to the concrete.

If you are dealing with a damaged concrete slab, breaking the slab, taking out the pieces and pouring in new cement for a new surface is not only time and energy consuming, but quite costly as well. Instead of doing such traditional methods, our team can offer you professional concrete resurfacing instead – a more efficient process that saves you precious time, energy and money.

Why Concrete Resurfacing in Austin is a Great Idea
Apart from the time and cost-efficiency that the process offers, concrete resurfacing can be done on any type of concrete, indoor or outdoor. At Prepco Flooring LLC, you also get to choose from a wide array of patterns, styles, designs and colors to suit your aesthetic taste. Be it a traditional look or a more modern feel, we can help you achieve what you desire through our concrete floor resurfacing.

Our company offers materials that are very durable. A resurfaced floor has increased resiliency to foot traffic, stains, tire marks and several other flooring imperfections. With resurfacing, your concrete floor has a greater potential to last longer. And because of all these benefits, a professionally resurfaced concrete flooring can add value to your home.

When is Concrete Flooring Qualified for Resurfacing?
While resurfacing can be done on all types of concrete, this is only a suitable concrete flooring solution for minor damages, because this is not meant to fix structural defects. If resurfacing is done, for instance, on a huge crack, the problem will only recur and eventually show up on the new surface. If your concrete flooring in Austin has large cracks and holes or other major damages, you may want to consider other services we offer such as epoxy floor coating.

If you think that your commercial or industrial flooring needs concrete resurfacing in Austin, give us a call at 218.360.0021, and our team will do a thorough assessment for the proper flooring solution that will fit your needs. Prepco Flooring LLC specializes in all types of concrete flooring solutions, offering the latest and innovative materials and services to ensure that all your expectations are met, if not exceeded. Browse through our website for more of what we have to offer.