Houston-based Industrial Concrete Resurfacing

One can choose industrial concrete resurfacing instead of a complete replacement when their floor starts showing signs of damage and deterioration. This is an option that many people still aren’t completely aware of, even though it saves a lot of costs. If you’re assigned to look for cost-effective solutions as to your company’s concrete floor, choose Prepco Flooring, LLC to provide you with the concrete resurfacing solutions your facilities need. Based in Houston, our team is ready to be deployed anywhere in the country and provide the proper resurfacing procedures for your site’s flooring.

What is Industrial Concrete Resurfacing?

It is a process where layers of polymer-modified or cement-based overlay is applied onto a deteriorating concrete surface. This overlay is mixed with special bonding agents to ensure that it strongly adheres to the concrete.

If you are dealing with a damaged concrete slab, breaking the slab, taking out the pieces, and pouring in new cement for a new surface consumes not only too much time and energy but also money. Our Houston-based team can offer you professional concrete resurfacing instead — a more efficient process that saves you precious time, energy, and money.

Benefits of Industrial Concrete Resurfacing

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Applicable  to any type of concrete flooring
  • Easily modify flooring style
  • Added flooring durability
  • Increased resistance against foot traffic, stains, tire marks, and other flooring imperfections
  • Extended longevity to your base concrete flooring

When is your flooring qualified for our industrial concrete resurfacing?

  • For minor damages
  • For surface imperfections
  • NOT for huge cracks and structural defects

Whether you’re in Houston or anywhere else in the US, give us a call or send us an email so our team can provide an assessment. Aside from concrete resurfacing, we can also provide you with industrial epoxy flooring solutions in order to lock in your new flooring’s durability. Choose Prepco Flooring, LLC today to provide you with the most high-quality commercial and industrial concrete resurfacing solutions and call us today.