Epoxy Flooring in San Antonio, TX

Many companies today want to ensure that their commercial and industrial businesses remain at the top. They want only the best, resorting to the most advanced and innovative technologies and materials of today. This being said, when it comes to commercial and industrial flooring, a lot of people are turning to epoxy floors in San Antonio.

Epoxy Floors and Bare Concrete

Bare concrete surface is one of the other choices when it comes to commercial and industrial flooring surfaces, because it is somewhat durable in its own right. However, with daily traffic from light and heavy machinery plus extreme abuse, bare concrete will experience the wear and tear process. Without the proper protection, concrete is subjected to costly repairs or replacement. It is for this reason that epoxy flooring solutions was invented to improve the performance and longevity of concrete floors.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor consists of two main parts: resin and hardener. When these two are mixed together, they form a strong covalent bond to the concrete surface. As a result, a very elongated and elastomeric, surface is created. This is further improved to withstand wear and tear, heavy impacts, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Because of these benefits, Prepco Flooring LLC. has developed expert and professional services to cater to all types of epoxy flooring applications.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring in San Antonio, TX?

Epoxy floor coating when applied over concrete flooring makes for a high-performance and long lasting floor that is suitable for commercial and industrial facilities that are constantly exposed to heavy impacts and several other damaging elements. Here are the benefits:

  • Durability and Longevity – Prepco Flooring offers epoxy flooring that will surely last for decades. This is designed to resist heavy impact brought about by machinery and foot traffic. Also, epoxy flooring resists extreme temperatures, chemicals and stains. And, if you want to protect your flooring and the structure in general from underground water, then epoxy flooring is your solution. This creates an impermeable seal that prevents seepage of chemically corrosive liquid pollutants. With all these, the longevity of your concrete floor is definitely prolonged.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics – We provide you with several color and design options. You can either have one solid color or choose to have a unique decorative pattern. We are experts on decorative epoxy and floor painting in San Antonio, TX, guaranteeing that your aesthetic requirements are all met.
  • Improved Safety – Firstly, epoxy coating dries to a high-gloss finish. This increases indoor lighting by more than 100%. Secondly, this creates a slip resistant surface, preventing accidents of slippage or falls. This therefore is a good choice for high moisture work environments or facilities that are constantly exposed to spills.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Through our epoxy floors in San Antonio, you get to save money from future repairs and replacements. Additionally, cleaning and maintenance are made much easier, which eliminates the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

At Prepco Flooring LLC, we strive to provide you with the best products and services every time. We understand that you want to protect your investments, which is why we offer you epoxy flooring solutions that help ensure just that. We have been in the industry for years because of the continuous trust and support of our clients. So, when it comes to flooring products and epoxy flooring in San Antonio, TX and other areas in the state, Prepco Flooring LLC.is your trusted and reliable company.