Epoxy Flooring Installation in San Antonio, Texas

We are a team of professional flooring experts with skills born from experience. Partnered withhigh-end technology, tools and equipment, we deliver not only the highest quality materials but exceptional services as well. At Prepco Flooring LLC, we don’t take shortcuts. We do every step necessary to deliver an epoxy flooring in San Antonio that will best work for your commercial and industrial facility.

Our Process:

Preparation of the Floor
The most suitable surface to ensure that the epoxy primer will penetrate deeply into the concrete to create a strong mechanical and chemical bond is a rough and porous surface. To achieve this, our team perform shot-blasting. Diamond grinding is also done on hard-to-reach and uneven areas to expose a fresh and clean surface. As for holes and deeper cracks, patching with high-quality polymer is done and then grinded for a smooth finish.

Once the base concrete has been prepared, the first layer of epoxy is applied. The primer will saturate and penetrate deep into the pores of the base concrete to ensure a strong bond that helps prevent future cracks.

Application of Epoxy
Once the primer has fully dried, the colored epoxy is then applied. The color of the epoxy is based on your preference. You can go for a solid/single color, or you can choose to give the design some twist through evenly distributed colored flakes. Other areas such as the stem walls may also be coated and flaked at this stage.

Application of Top Coating
Before the top coating is applied, the surface is first scraped and brushed smooth of debris and excess flakes. The top coating gives the floor a glossy layer and a granite-like finish. This serves as an added protection against the stress of daily use to make it last longer.

To promote order and avoid confusion in your facility, we implement the 5S floor marking guide and 5S industrial and commercial floor marking guide, or we can also use the Safety Color Code by the OSHA. This makes your facility more effective and enhances overall productivity.

Prepco Flooring LLCis your trusted company when it comes to epoxy flooring installation in San Antonio. We provide exceptional materials and services for all your commercial and industrial flooring needs. Give us a call today at 218.360.0021.