Houston-Based Commercial and Industrial Flooring Services

From our locality of Houston, Prepco Flooring, LLC provides industries across the country with a wide array of industrial flooring services that ensures the integrity, strength, and resistance of your base of operations. Our services are specifically designed for massive commercial and industrial structures such as warehouses, hallways, laboratories, and other areas that require flooring that can resist constant exposure to potentially extreme conditions and sensitive situations.

Our Commercial and Industrial Flooring Services in Houston and the US

  • Industrial Flooring
    Providing all applicable flooring solutions to huge industrial facilities, depending on the nature of your operations, expected traffic, maintenance needs, and special niche requirements
  • Epoxy Flooring
    Protecting your concrete floor with epoxy, a material hardened through chemical reaction to multiply your flooring’s strength and resistance against heavy equipment and dangerous substances
  • Installations
    A systematic process beginning with inspection and thorough analysis of your facilities before proceeding with preparations and the installation proper
  • Concrete Coatings
    Application of proper coatings on your concrete floor depending on the type of operations you’re handling as well as the cleaning and maintenance procedures required
  • Concrete Resurfacing
    Reapplying a cement-based overlay on deteriorating concrete surfaces to stop further damage and avoid expensive repair costs

Other Commercial and Industrial Flooring Services We Offer

  • EPA Lean Manufacturing
  • EPA Compliant Plant Expansion
  • Industrial and Commercial Preventive Maintenance
  • Industrial and Commercial Environmental Cleanup
  • Industrial and Commercial Plant Cleanup
  • 5S Guidelines and Applications

Prepco Flooring, LLC provides all these industrial flooring services not only in Houston but across the whole United States. Feel free to read more about our specific services, or visit our contact page to get in touch.