Flooring Installation in Austin, Texas

At Prepco Flooring LLC, we provide you with high quality epoxy floors that will definitely last for decades. Additionally, we ensure that the installation process is done professionally and correctly to make certain that no problems will arise in the future. Here is how our epoxy floors in Austin are installed:

  1. Floor Preparation
    To ensure that the epoxy primer penetrates deep into the base concrete, the surface is shot-blasted to come up with a porous surface that is slightly rough. This surface is the perfect condition for the epoxy primer to penetrate deeply and create a strong bond with the concrete.Before the primer is applied, however, there are other necessary procedures. Hard to reach areas undergo diamond grinding to expose a clean and fresh concrete. Uneven surfaces and cracks are also grinded to reduce visibility, while deeper cracks and holes are patched and also grinded smooth. Once the floor is ready, a first layer of epoxy primer is applied. This saturates and penetrates deeply into the concrete for a strong mechanical and chemical bond to ensure that the floor will not break in the future.
  2. Application of Epoxy
    Our team applies the second layer of colored epoxy. The color is of your own choosing. You can go for one solid color, or we can add some colored flakes to give it some artistic effect. During this stage, the stem walls, water heater boxes and others are also coated and flaked.
  3. Top Coating
    The final stage is the application of the top coating after the surface is brushed or scraped smooth of excess flakes or debris. Our epoxy coatings will not only give it the shine and granite-like finish, but it will also add protection and durability to withstand heavy impacts, extreme temperatures and other damaging elements.To promote order and eliminate confusion, we implement the 5S floor marking guide and 5S industrial and commercial floor marking guide when marking floors. This promotes faster work in your facility, boost productivity and make your flooring more effective.

Our company does not only provide the highest quality products but also the expert installation process to ensure that your commercial and industrial floors will meet your needs and last for as long as possible. If you are in need of professional flooring installation in San Antonio, Prepco Flooring LLC is the company to call. You can send us an e-mail or call us at 218.360.0021.