Houston-based Industrial Flooring Installations

Prepco Flooring, LLC executes all commercial and industrial flooring installations with a systematic process that ensures maximum efficiency best suited for your operations. Regardless if your operation is located around Houston, or thousands of miles away, our team ensures the same systematic approach to installing the industrial epoxy flooring you need:

  1. Flooring Preparations
    • The surface of the base concrete floor is shot-blasted into becoming a slightly rough porous surface. This texture creates a strong bond between the epoxy primer to be applied and the concrete.
    • Hard to reach areas undergo diamond grinding in order to expose a clean and fresh concrete.
    • Uneven surfaces and cracks are also grinded to reduce visibility, while deeper cracks/holes are patched and grinded smooth.
  2. Application of Epoxy
    • Once the floor is ready, a first layer of epoxy primer is applied. This saturates and penetrates deeply into the concrete for a strong mechanical and chemical bond to ensure that the floor will not break in the future.
    • A second layer of colored epoxy will be applied. You can choose what color and design is best for your building.
    • During this stage, the stem walls, water heater boxes, and other pieces of equipment are also coated and flaked.
  3. Top Coating
    • As the final stage of the industrial flooring installation, our team applies top coating over the epoxy after the surface is brushed or scraped smooth of excess flakes and debris. This gives it a shiny and granite-like finish with added protection and durability to withstand heavy impacts, extreme temperatures and other damaging elements.
    • To promote order and eliminate confusion, we implement the 5S floor marking guide and 5S industrial and commercial floor marking guide when marking floors. This gives way to faster work in your facility, boosts productivity, and makes your flooring more effective.

Our team also makes sure to consider other factors when it comes to your flooring, such as your location in Houston or other states, your nature of operations, the types of equipment in your facilities, and the general traffic that your flooring experiences everyday. Prepco Flooring, LLC guarantees high-quality commercial and industrial flooring installations, so you can get the most out of your investment.

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