Florock Debuts New High Performance Products for Concrete Floors

At Prepco Flooring, LLC., we constantly search for great ways to improve our services, because we want nothing but the best for you. One way of accomplishing this is keeping tabs on new and improved products that have been put in the market by certain companies. Companies we have come to consider as valuable allies.

Recently, Florock Polymer Flooring has launched a new high performance urethane topcoat – New Florothane MC/HT. In line with this, they have also come up with the new FloroTint for convenient tinting. Both of these products offer low emissions installation in either high gloss or satin finish, in clear or pigmented, while using only a single urethane resin.

Florothane MC/HT

This is a high performance urethane topcoat system which can be installed to furnish various types of finishes. It offers durability, UV stability, colorfastness and odor-free installation. It is also resistant to abrasions, solvents and chemicals, and its slip-resistance property can be customized with additional aggregates. Finally, the system meets all VOC regulations for industrial maintenance coatings in North America and is USDA, FDA, OSHA and EPA compliant.

This urethane topcoat system is ideal for use in aircraft hangars, vehicle maintenance areas and dealerships, showrooms, loading docks, hospitals and office settings, and other high traffic areas.

FloroTint Colorants

This is used with the Florothane MC/HT to make pigmenting fast and easy. Unlike other traditional colorants, the FloroTint is a zero VOC colorant that adds no solvent to the blended resin system. It is non-odorous and does not interfere with cure time.

These unique innovations from Florock make achieving different floor looks or designs very convenient through the use of just a single moisture cure urethane resin base. With these products, Prepco Flooring, LLC. can quickly accommodate your commercial and industrial flooring projects, be it high gloss or satin, clear or pigmented, while remaining flexible for last minute changes.

Despite the many high performances that urethane floor finishes of Florock has already introduced in the industry, they have come up with such new systems because they seek out every opportunity to give Approved Florock Contractors a competitive advantage – one reason why we trust and respect them and continue to utilize their excellent products. So, if you are ready to experience the benefits of these high performance floor finishes, give Prepco Flooring, LLC a call.

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