Florock Specialty Floors for the Food and Beverage Industry is a Top Choice

There are certain demands in the food and beverage industry that must be met in order to continue being successful. You must maintain specific pieces of equipment, have high food quality standards and have a proper work space. Part of maintaining a proper workspace includes having a floor that is both slip resistant and can stand up to the wear and tear of heavy machinery and food grade chemicals used in every day processes. Florock, used regularly by Prepco Flooring, LLC., is a polymer flooring companythat gets the job done every time, developing and distributing the newest and best epoxy and concrete floors in Houston. They develop epoxy flooring specifically for the food and beverage industry and cater to the needs of their customers, whether they need flooring for a bakery, a winery and the like.

Florock takes many things into consideration before developing new flooring systems for the food and beverage industry. Flooring has to pass inspections by many different agencies such as the FDA, OSHA, USDA and others, depending on the branch of industry specifics. Florock develops flooring that will not only stand up to the tests of these industries, but will also take into account the wants and needs of the business that will employ their offers. They provide flooring products that are specific to different industries such as the food and business industries. The chemicals that the business may be dealing with, the machinery that will be laid on the floor, and the volume of traffic that the floor will need to endure daily, Florock accounts for these issues and provides the flooring that will best stand up to the needs of each business.

There are several different types of food and beverage companies, and many require very specific environments to operate safely and successfully. In a bakery, for instance, you may face extremely hot temperatures and need a floor that will stand up to a very heavy, hot oven. Florock has a floor created to withstand extreme heat as well as the force of heavy machinery such as an industrial oven. Not only do they provide flooring for the hottest areas in the kitchen, but they also have flooring specifically for wet areas, dry areas, and cooler areas such as the freezer. Having a flooring that can withstand these extreme temperatures is definitely a must.

Factory shut down time is also something that Florock takes into consideration when developing new flooring. They are aware that many companies choose their brand for food and beverage grade flooring not only because of its amazing quality, durability and aesthetic value but also because of the limited installation and curing time. They understand that time is money so the flooring that they create are very easy and quick to install with low curing times. The faster the business gets back to work, the better is the productivity and the happier the customers will be.

Florock creates some of the best technology in flooring for different industries. We choose Florock for our concrete and epoxy flooring in Houston because of the high quality standards they uphold and the amazing flooring products they produce as a result.

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