Flowcrete Goes Green with New Products from Recycled Materials

At Prepco Flooring,LLC., we use a few different brands of flooring based on what the customer wants or needs. There are many considerations when choosing the best flooring, and we help the customer make the right decision for their commercial business. In recent years, one of the major recurring themes in construction projects is how “green” the companies being hired. If you are going to hire a contractor for a job, it is an added bonus if that company is environmentally friendly. At Prepco Flooring, we do everything we can to make sure that our business, as well as our brands, is as environmentally friendly as can be. This is why we are taking time to highlight the effort that Flowcrete is making to employ a more eco-friendly composition of material. These are the same materials that we buy from them for epoxy and concrete floors in Houston.

Flowcrete has created a new formula for their screed, or the layered portion of a cement floor, to include more recycled products and less natural resources. They have specifically cut out Ordinary Portland Cement. This is a huge step towards going green because it drastically reduces the amount of natural resources being utilized. In turn, this decreases the mining of natural resources which is dangerous, financially burdensome and energy caustic. Flowcrete has also changed its composition by using 40% recycled industrial waste. This is a large portion of composition that is now coming from recycled products. By doing these two things, the company has dramatically reduced its carbon footprint and has made it easier for major construction companies to maintain their environmental standards. This is only the beginning of Flowcrete in making changes that are safe for the environment.

Flowcrete has proven that you can indeed judge a book by its cover. They have shown how environmentally aware they are by creating a building for its global headquarters in South Cheshire that is the “greenest” building in the area. The building features an amazing rooftop vegetative garden which has become home to many birds and small animals. The garden not only looks amazing and a place for employees to get back to nature, but it also takes in carbon dioxide and provides insulation for the building, as well as produce oxygen for the space. The building also features several naturally powered appliances. The solar window overlooking the south side of the building provides a nice heated area, and the structure employs solar powered wind catchers for ventilation in each of the offices. As if this wasn’t enough to label the building completely green, Flowcrete uses its own products within the building to house an in-floor solar heating and cooling system as well as incorporating their new, recycled screed compound in the epoxy floor.

While this building has amazing construction and is aesthetically jaw dropping, we applaud Flowcrete for its continued attempts to make our planet greener. We care about you and the environment, so we will continue to use them as one of our leading brands for environmentally safe epoxy floors in Houston.

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