Protect Your Flooring System with Quality Aircraft Paints and Coatings in Austin, TX

If you are running an aircraft hangar, processing plant, airport, and any other industrial facility, you need to keep in mind that the flooring system is an integral part of the entire structure and all processes happening within it. The flooring systems in these facilities have to take some of the harshest beatings from heavy traffic, ground service equipment, towing, vehicle transport, ramp movement and all other processes common in these industries. Therefore, we highly advise that for industrial plants, airports, commercial facilities, hangars and other structures that are frequented by people, vehicles, heavy machinery, and aircraft, paints and coatings in Austin, TX should be installed to give the floor the needed protection to make it last as long as possible.

Benefits of Quality Floor Coating

There is no denying that concrete flooring is durable and strong. However, without protection from oil spills, chemicals and heavy traffic, it will progressively deteriorate until it acquires damages that greatly affect production and daily operations and even pose risks to your crew and other people involved. Concrete is porous and can absorb dangerous chemicals becoming a safety hazard. It is for this reason that floor coating systems for airports, army bases, train stations, car dealership showrooms and other major transportation hubs is highly recommended. Epoxy floor coating will protect the surface from abrasive dirt and grit, spilled chemicals or food and drinks, dragged items or equipment, vehicles and foot traffic. It also offers slip-resistant properties and are easy to maintain, making it less of a hassle.

In certain industries, floor markings are very important to indicate fire lanes, pedestrian walkways, safety lanes, and aircraft positions for entry and exit to help better visualize boundaries for safer and more efficient placement and movement of aircraft. Paints and embedded floor markings can certainly be used in replacement of floor marking tapes that can easily be stripped off the surface.

Prepco Flooring, LLC. is a company trusted by many commercial and industrial businesses because of our professionalism and quality services. We specialize in concrete flooring solutions, providing the latest, state-of-the-art materials and innovative services that help make concrete floors more durable, strong, long-lasting, appealing, and safe. We have successfully handled flooring projects for several structures such as hangars, processing plants, buildings, and other facilities which is why NASA believed in our capabilities to let us handle one of their flooring service needs.

So if you are building a bus depot, train station, processing plant, and a hanger or other facilities that house aircraft, paints and coatings In Austin, TX are highly advised for the flooring system. And you know which company you can trust for the job – Prepco Flooring, LLC.

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