Static Dissipative Epoxy Flooring and Aircraft Paints and Coatings in San Antonio, TX

For a hangar or any other facility that stores aircrafts, paints and coatings in San Antonio, TX are very important for the flooring system. Hangars, airports, industrial plants and other similar facilities are subjected to the greatest amount of abuse which is why it is crucial that the floor receives added protection through high quality paints and coatings. Without it, you will surely have to deal with expensive costs for premature repairs and replacements due to the constant beating caused by hangar movement, aircraft transport, ground service equipment, ramp movements and several other daily operations common in commercial and industrial facilities.

Enhance Safety and Increase Efficiency

Epoxy floor paints and coatings are not only used to enhance durability and increase longevity of your floor but also for safety purposes. Aside from their anti-slip and reflective properties, floors need to be painted with perimeter markings to indicate the limits of aircraft placement, making it easier for your team to visualize boundaries to safely position and move aircraft. Other floor markings indicate pedestrian lanes, fire lanes, safety lanes, aircraft positions for entry and exit, and other areas dedicated for certain purposes. Using standard safety colors will greatly reduce the risks during placement and movement of people, equipment and other facility resources.

Polished concrete may provide some advantages for hangar floors but may not offer the stain and chemical resistance needed in such industries where hydraulic oil and aircraft fluid spills are very common. Coating a concrete flooring not only gives you a smooth, non-skid and low maintenance floor but also allows you to use any color to achieve every safety and aesthetic standard you require.

Prepco Flooring, LLC.specializes in concrete flooring solutions and uses the latest quality paints and coatings, offers innovative materials too such as static dissipative epoxy flooring in San Antonio, TX. So if you are building a new hangar, airport or an industrial plant, or if you simply need help on flooring maintenance, our team has the expertise and the proper solutions that will meet your specific needs. We are a certified contractor for 5S compliance projects. For more details, you can browse through our website, or simply give us a call at (281) 360-0012.

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