Concrete Resurfacing in San Antonio, Texas

Let Our Team of Experts Provide Exceptional Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Used to be, the only solution for deteriorating concrete floors in San Antonio, (or any place for that matter), was to get a jackhammer and drill the floor away, pour in new cement, and wait for the new surface to set in. With the advancements in the flooring industry today, whether residential or commercial, property owners with deteriorating concrete flooring systems can now rejoice, because several concrete flooring solutions have been developed. Included among these alternative solutions is concrete resurfacing.

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

This is the application of a thin layer of polymer modified overlay (or cement based overlay) over a deteriorating concrete surface. The material is also mixed with special bonding agents to ensure that it adheres strongly onto the surface.

This is an alternative process to the traditional flooring replacement. It is a more efficient process that saves a lot of time, energy and money, because instead of taking out the old flooring, it is actually used as a base. Our professional team of flooring experts will provide you with excellent concrete resurfacing to help you make the most of your current concrete flooring.

Why Consider Concrete Resurfacing in San Antonio?

Concrete resurfacing is definitely a very cost-effective flooring solution, because it veers one away from the expensive costs and hassles of concrete replacement. This flooring solution can also be done on any type of concrete, be it indoors or outdoors. If you are searching for a unique design or style, Prepco flooring LLC has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from that will surely fit what you are looking for. Whether it is a modern or traditional style, our concrete floor resurfacing service will surely meet your needs.

At Prepco Flooring LLC, you will be offered quality materials that will definitely increase the strength and resiliency of your concrete floors. This enhances the surface’s resistance to heavy traffic, stains, tire marks and several other nuisances that keep your concrete flooring in San Antonio from performing at its best. 

Is Your Concrete Flooring Qualified for Resurfacing?

Resurfacing is a quick and easy flooring solution that can be done on all types of concrete. However, the degree of damage determines whether your floor is qualified for it or not. Concrete resurfacing is only suitable for minor cracks. It is not meant to fix structural failure. If there are major damages, resurfacing the floor will not fix the problem completely as they recur and cause other kinds of problems in the future. In these cases, we recommend epoxy floor coating, another service we offer. Your concrete flooring in San Antonio will definitely be back to its top condition in no time!

Our company specializes in all concrete flooring solutions with high quality and innovative materials and services to offer every time. If you are in need of concrete resurfacing in San Antonio, do not hesitate to give Prepco Flooring LLC a call. You can reach us at 218.360.0021, or visit our website and send us an email.