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Prepco Flooring, LLC. utilizes a number of innovative processes in order to give you the ultimate flooring for your home or business. Here are a number of flooring processes which have recently been taking the market by storm; processes which we at Prepco Flooring, LLC. have mastered and are able to offer at very reasonable rates to our valued clients like you.

  • Epoxy Coating – Epoxy Coating basically gives concrete floors added durability and an added layer of protection, both to those using it and to the floor itself. This is why epoxy coating is used in industrial settings. It offers both durability and safety – two things which are invaluable in commercial settings.
  • Industrial Polymer Flooring – Polymer floorings are primarily used in commercial settings due to the fact that it protects floors from degradation due to heavy foot traffic, thermal shock, and even chemical spills. This is why Industrial Polymer Floorings are used in places which experience heavy use, from air hangars to parking lots.
  • VCT installation – Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT) are extremely popular in commercial settings due to its durability and ease of installation. Installed in the same way as regular tiles, it is many times more durable and just as easy to maintain. Not only that, it is also a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the average tile or commercial floor.
  • Vapor Emission Control – This innovative process makes use of the latest developments and products in the industry to protect newly installed concrete floors from the threat of moisture. Moisture causes a number of problems and quickens the degradation of concrete floors. Using products such as the Creteseal New Pour CS2000 Spray Apply to our newly installed floors, we are able to provide added protection from both regular wear and tear, as well as the elements.

Here at Prepco Flooring, LLC., we offer all of these processes in order to bring each and every one of our customers the best flooring services they can get anywhere in the country.

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