Prepco Flooring, LLC. Provides Excellent Concrete Coatings in San Antonio

Concrete is a preferred flooring material due to the many advantages it does to commercial locations. Various interior and exterior properties have seen more benefits than drawbacks in concrete flooring over the years. However, unprotected concrete slabs are not an exception to unforeseen contact with corrosive agents and penetration of liquid. When liquid gets in the pores, moisture will generate and can cause a lot of other problems such as moisture freezing, mold, and floor cracks.

To prevent these problems, protective concrete coatings should be applied on the slabs. These overlay applications help enhance durability and resistance to destructive chemicals and liquid penetration. They also make surfaces easier to clean and look better with minimal maintenance.

Prepco Flooring, LLC. offers customizable concrete coatings that are highly recommended for industrial plants. Industrial plants are the hub of heavy forklift traffic and are, therefore, susceptible to flooring damages caused by company equipment. The company allows customization of this service to suit the specific flooring needs of any business. With a flexible and cost-effective concrete overlay, flooring lifespan can be improved and cleaning costs can be reduced. This means you don’t have to worry about your floors for a good while until you’re ready to resurface, expand, or transfer to a new location.

Other benefits of concrete overlays are reduced energy consumption, non-combustion and a slower heat transmission, ability to resemble floors made of different materials, and more opportunities for customization.

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