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Most facilities today seek to improve and protect their structures by incorporating high-quality industrial flooring that protects against all sorts of damages from operations, heavy equipment traffic, and chemical exposure. Whether your business is based in Houston, or halfway across the country, Prepco Flooring, LLC delivers high-grade epoxy industrial flooring solutions ideal for a wide variety of commercial establishments. Years of being in the industry has made us one of the most trusted industrial flooring experts to date. Incorporating durable materials that can withstand even the harshest of working conditions. From warehouses to military installations, we install only the highest industrial flooring that meets and exceeds your needs.

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The Leading Industrial Flooring Solutions Contractor

For over two decades, Prepco Flooring, LLC has been providing the highest quality industrial and commercial flooring solutions for clients across Houston who are involved in manufacturing, inventory, shipping, and similar fields. From our headquarters in Humble, we have been contracted by various industries across the nation for our unique brand of industrial flooring solutions. From industrial epoxy flooring to concrete coating, our services protect these facilities against a wide spectrum of industrial and chemical hazards. Our company is built on the idea of better production and functionality. Our industrial flooring and concrete resurfacing options are specifically designed to target exactly what our clients are looking for. We guarantee top output that will last for years and an unrivalled customer support system that ensures our clients satisfaction is maintained.

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Our Industrial Flooring Services

Prepco Flooring, LLC offers durable industrial flooring solutions for a variety of clients within the major commercial sector. We have partnered with various companies in the past, from trucking companies to military equipment manufacturers, providing the type of flooring that meets their production and functional needs. We specialize in epoxy flooring installations and repair services, as well as concrete resurfacing options, all of which are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. Each service is guaranteed to be of unrivalled quality, ensuring durability rates that will last years.
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Not only that, but we also guarantee that each of our services is met with professional customer services, particularly when it comes to repairs and or maintenance options. This is what defines us as an industrial flooring specialist across the country. From our headquarters in Houston, we make it a point to provide world-class services and output for anyone in the industrial sector who’s in need of our offers. Get a Quote Now
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25 years of professional experience

Based in Houston, Prepco Flooring, LLC has been providing industrial-grade epoxy flooring solutions and other similar services for over 25 years and is considered to be one of the leading industrial flooring contractors in Houston, as well as the rest of the country. We guarantee to bring results that exceed you clients’ expectations. Partner with us and secure industrial-grade protection for your facilities.

Professional Work

Reasons to Opt for Industrial Flooring

We believe that our work helps industries yield better output and flourish as in their respective field. We understand that the factories and facilities are key to the development and manufacturing of industrial services and goods. And the components that are found within these facilities are what enables them to attain their goals. Though our industrial flooring is only one among many that our clients need. We ensure that the service they get enables them to be a step closer to reaching their goals. As one would be able to see in the photos below. Our commitment to our craft has gained us the trust of various clients across Houston and the entirety of the United States, from aircraft manufacturers, to large-scale shipping facilities, to medical structures, and even warehouse installations. These are testaments to the quality of our work and the dedication we have not only for our work, but for our clients as well.

See for yourself why you should opt for industrial flooring for your industry.

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industrial sectors require their floors to be durable, especially if one’s hauling heavy equipment on a regular basis.

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Those who cater to clients would benefit from epoxy floors as they give of a certain sheen that’s not too overwhelming to the eyes.

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being a durable type of industrial flooring, epoxy floors need less maintenance since they can definitely take a beating.

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Some industries work with chemicals and oil-based components, and having the right type of industrial flooring helps reduce the chances of accidents caused by slippage.

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Cost Effective

The price for epoxy flooring varies from company to company, but the returns are definitely worth the initial cost of installation in the long run.

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epoxy flooring is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly materials today since it uses less harmful materials for its development.

storage facility with white coated epoxy floor


industries that deal with high heat can benefit from such industrial flooring since they are designed to withstand incredible temperatures before showing signs of compromise.

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advances in technology also allows for industrial flooring to be more health conscious, especially since harmful chemicals and pathogens can greatly affect production of the workforce.

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Prepco Flooring, LLC provides world-class, durable industrial flooring and concrete coatings and refinishing solutions for clients across Houston and across the nation. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and what we can provide for your industry. You can reach us at 281-360-0012. You can also leave us a message at or fill out the form provided for you below. Tell us how we can help you further. We look forward to discussing your project with you.

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