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Prepco Flooring LLC is proud to announce our completion of the United States Navy Tacamo P-136 E-6B Maintenance Hangar Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City.

After a long and exhausting bidding process, Prepco Flooring was awarded the Polymer Flooring Contract for E-6B. Prepco Flooring was contracted through HGL Construction, a Prime Government Contractor based in Midwest City Oklahoma. Our approval process for the scope of work, prep methods, installation procedure and choice of materials had to go through an almost 2-year process being approved by NAVSEC. The P-136 is a 36,000 square foot maintenance hangar and is a single aircraft bay that maintains and supports the E-6B Boeing Mercury 707-320 – a massive aircraft which is 150 feet in length with a 148-foot wing span and is 342,000 pound in weight. Prepco Flooring’s Scope of Work and Installation procedure was to install a 100% Chemical Resistant Mortar Trowel Down System with a two High Performance Chemical Resistant Urethane Topcoats. The Polymer Flooring System had to be designed for weight distribution as well as full chemical resistance for Skydrol, Jet Fuel and FOD recovery. Crane Bay safety line striping and a precision aircraft towline stripe was included.

Prepco Flooring would like to thank our dedicated employees and supporting vendors for another project well done.

Shrimps Ahoy, Steam them, Boil them or Fry Them

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Best sea Pack


Project: Best Sea Pack of Texas Case Study

Prepco Flooring LLC provided a Floor Topping for Best Sea Pack of Texas in 2007. This Sea Food outfit sprawls a 9,500 square foot in this Shrimp Processing Plant.

The company’s Plant is located in Danbury Texas and required a new floor topping that would provide a reliable and hygienic surface in the face of challenging conditions.

Trung Nahn, the president of Best Sea Pack, spent a lot of time researching companies. His goal was to find a long term Flooring Solution that would stand up to harsh conditions that his Processing Plant entailed.

Prepco Flooring met these challenges head on and after 8 years, the flooring solution that we provided has fulfilled our customer’s request. Since then we have provided many other customers with the same solutions. Let us design and Build a flooring solution that meets your production needs!

Diversified Building System

Customer: Diversified Building System Corporation
Locations: Sulphur Springs, Texas

Prepco Flooring was contacted by Diversified Building System Corporation to provide an Industrial Strength Polymer System on a 25,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Sulphur Springs Texas. Diversified Building Corporation moved from California to Texas and now a part of the Sulphur Spring New Business Development program.

Prepco Flooring would like to thank all of our partnering companies and employees for making this project possible.


Prepco Flooring LLC, was contacted from the Corporate Lean Engineer located in USA Texas

Project. FY 11 Unmanned Aerial Hangar
Project. FY 11 Unmanned Aerial Hangar

Customer: National Oilwell Varco
Locations: Houma, Louisiana and USA, Texas
Theme:Quality Builds Relationship

Prepco Flooring LLC, was contacted from the Corporate Lean Engineer located in USA Texas to review and propose a Polymer Flooring System that would resurface the existing concrete floors in Several locations and buildings throughout their BOP Division. BOP are Blowout Preventers for the Oil and Gas drilling industry and are custom made by sophisticated CNC Machining. They are very large in size and have extreme weight. The size can be very destructive to concrete surfaces, coupled with cutting fluids, wear and tear that caused a majority of the production area concrete to deteriorate. NOV wanted to transition these locations into a 5s compliancy. Our goal was to provide a system that would resurface the damage and apply added features that would provide a safe and cleanable area throughout the production shops. Prepco Flooring since then has built a very strong relationship with NOV and has expanded our installation in several new locations.



Prepco Flooring, LLC. was contracted through the Satterfield Pontikes Construction Company Federal Division out of San Antonio, Texas

Project. FY 11 Unmanned Aerial Hangar

Project. FY 11 Unmanned Aerial Hangar
Project. FY 11 Unmanned Aerial Hangar

Project: FY 11 Unmanned Aerial Hangar
Owner: USAF

Prepco Flooring, LLC. was contracted through the Satterfield Pontikes Construction Company Federal Division out of San Antonio, Texas to perform and apply 120,000 square foot specialized electro static dissipated Polymer Flooring Systems, (UAV) Maintenance Hangar and is one of the largest in the United States. The work that was performed, Prepping floor using 3 Blast-Trac GPX 10’’ Riding Shot Blasters. Control and Expansion Joint Treatment. Two coats of Florock Floropoxy at 10 mills or 160 square foot per coat. Two Coats of Florock Florothane Electro Static Dissipated Chemical Resistant Urethane. Also Hangar was provided with special color coding striping for overhead Cranes, Pedestrian Walkways and Aircraft Towing.

“Prepco Flooring would like to thank all of our partner vendors for being a part of Time Sensitive High Profile Project”



aviation flooring system in USA, Texas

Prepco Flooring, LLC is pleased to announce its completion of United States Army 21st Cav Building 6975 AH-64 Maintenance Hangar at Fort Hood Killeen, Texas.

Prepco Flooring, LLC was contracted through the Ross Construction Group.

Hangar 6975 was built back in the late 1950s and had to go through a complete remodel. Our installation included shot blast prep, edge grinding and joint modification. Our supporting manufacturer was Florock Crawford Laboratories Inc. out in Chicago.

System application was 4700 florobuild and florophane CRU-250 chemical resistant super light gray Top Coat with safety walkway striping and floor ground markings.

“Prepco Flooring, LLC used a safe and practical approach to install their quality flooring process in a timely manner. Our client was extremely pleased with the application.”.

Robert Eblacas, Quality Control Project Manager, The Ross Group Construction Corp


Addressing the Moisture Vapour Resistance Required by Park Ten Surgical Center

When Park Ten Surgical Center contacted Flowcrete North America, they were looking for a long term solution for a major building defect that was affecting their outpatient surgery facility services. A severe moisture
problem, originated in part by the vinyl tile (VCT) installed throughout the facility, caused a microbial
generation issue that needed to be corrected immediately.

Flowcrete North America and Prepco Flooring, LLC. created a flooring solution, specifically designed to tackle Park Ten’s problems.

7,000 sq ft of Flowfresh SLB with flakes, a self-leveling and chemical resistant system, were installed in the facility’s hallways and surgery rooms. Like any Flowcrete’s Flowfresh products, Flowfresh SLB contains Polygiene®, an antimicrobial additive that reduces the generation of bacterial population on the surface of the floor by up to 99%, remaining active 24hours a day, 7 days a week, during thefloor’s life time.

In addition, Flowfresh SLB offers excellent resistance to moisture vapor transmission (MVT), eliminating the passage of water vapour to the surface, avoiding delaminating of the floor system.

The system was coated and sealed with Peran STC and Flowseal UV, high solids products, with low odour and UV stables, that provide chemical and abrasion resistance to the floor system. These products are ideal for areas where decorative finishes and improved light stability are desired.

Thanks to past and similar successful project experiences, Flowcrete North America and Prepco Flooring, LLC. delivered an antimicrobial, seamless and decorative flooring system, addressing the moisture vapour resistance required by Park Ten Surgical Center. This offers “…the highest quality of patient care in a comfortable, convenient environment.”

Our World October 2012


In this edition we will be looking back at the fantastic 30th Anniversary celebrations that took place throughout the global Flowcrete community.

We will also see stories from the new Green Screed launch in South Africa and an exciting new Deckshield development in Poland.

If you have any stories for the next edition or feedback, please drop us an email at ourworld@flowcrete.com.

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