Houston-based Industrial Flooring Contractor

About Prepco Flooring, LLC

As a Houston-based industrial flooring contractor, Prepco Flooring, LLC commits itself to providing top-quality epoxy flooring solutions throughout the years. This was possible thanks to the rigid training that each of our people have gone through, which equipped us to be perfectly capable of delivering all of your industrial flooring needs. Since then, we have become one of the most trusted epoxy flooring companies not only in Houston, but also across the entire country.

We take pride in the satisfaction our clients experience. Our business is based on the foundation of excellence and dedicated quality service. For that reason, we strive to create stable relationships with our clients, developing cost-effective industrial flooring solutions that meet each of your operations’ requirements.

Being the top commercial and industrial flooring contractor in Houston, and as one of the most competitive companies in the industry nationwide, we are committed to performing in the most skillful and proficient way. That’s why we make it a point to always carefully study our projects before proceeding with installations. We consider your equipment, your facilities, and all your needs above anything else to make sure that the solutions we apply are what’s most helpful to you.

Companies across Houston and even national institutions such as NASA put their trust in us when it comes to their industrial epoxy flooring. And you can experience that same level of trust and confidence when you choose Prepco Flooring, LLC as your industrial flooring contractor. Feel free to give us a call to get started.