Austin Industrial Protective Epoxy Floor Coatings

Prevent Untimely Damage through Excellent Concrete Coating
Since Concrete is essential in any structure, commercial and industrial property owners should give it the special attention it deserves. Thousands of dollars are spent on repair and replacement of concrete floors in Austin, which could have easily been avoided if only the right protection was implemented/applied from the get-go. So how crucial is concrete coating?

Why Coat Concrete?
Concrete is one of the only materials for commercial and industrial facilities because it supports all structures, However, Concrete is vulnerable to daily wear and tear. At some point, concrete breaks and crumbles, especially when constantly exposed to heavy impacts and corrosive chemicals. If not given the necessary protection, your concrete surface can and will fall apart.

Importance of Concrete Coatings in Austin
There are several reasons why you should highly consider our Austin industrial protective epoxy floor coatings:

  1. Heavy Impacts –The degree of impact or stress that your floor is exposed to depends on the type of industry you have. The floor is always subjected to daily stress, be it the usual foot and vehicular traffic or heavy equipment. Extra protection through coating is very crucial.Another important factor to consider when coating concrete floors in Austin is the thickness of the coating. This largely depends on the daily traffic it is exposed to. We apply about 20 mills of coat for floors that get some beating only from normal foot traffic. However, floors for truck traffic and heavy machinery will need at least 25 mills to ¼’’ of resurface coating.
  2. Temperatures and Chemicals – In normal conditions, the temperature of floors is usually between 65to 90 degrees. However, your coating should adapt to the changing temperatures of the weather and the seasons. Among the common binding agents on the market are Cement Urethanes, Polyurethanes, Acrylic and Epoxy. Cement Urethanes are the one that can best adjust to severe temperature variations such as Food and Beverage Production.Additionally, our epoxy concrete coatings in Austin can withstand damages by chemicals. Certain industrial and commercial facilities are constantly exposed to different hydraulic oils and solvents, acids used for etching, lactic acid and several other chemicals which are potentially damaging to bare concrete. Epoxy will give your concrete floor the protection against these elements.
  3. Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements – Though bare concrete is relatively easy to clean, giving it a high quality coating will make it virtually maintenance-free. This makes it a great option for a Food & Beverage flooring in Austin, TX. It also gives it the protection from harsh cleaning solutions. Some industrial and commercial facilities such as Food production and laboratories are very stringent on cleanliness, and for this, epoxy coating provides the needed gloss and smoothness for hassle-free maintenance.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal –A coated floor is just so much more appealing than bare concrete that almost always looks dull and lifeless. If you are searching for a way to make your flooring system more interesting, then epoxy coating is a great option. With the variety of styles and colors we offer, you will surely find one that you highly prefer.
  5. Safety – Our concrete coating solutions will give your floor a finish that helps reflect light and enhances indoor lighting. These coatings come with anti-skid properties In several facilities, such as the floors of a National Oil Well Varco the floor’s levelness is very important because minor unevenness can result in accidents or destruction of equipment. Such degrees of levelness can be achieved through proper application of epoxy coating.

Bare concrete is durable and long-lasting in its own right. However, when exposed to several damaging elements, it can crumble and prove counterproductive when not given the right protection. If you want your concrete floors to last for as long as possible while meeting your needs, our Austin industrial protective epoxy floor coatings can do the trick. Prepco Flooring LLC has the solution for all your flooring requirements. If you are ready to have your concrete coated with high quality epoxy, give us a call today at 218.360.0021.