Concrete Coatings in San Antonio, Texas

Let Prepco Flooring LLC Provide Excellent Concrete Coating to Prevent Untimely Damage

Everyone is aware of the importance of good flooring in any commercial or industrial establishment. If you have bare concrete floors in San Antonio, you might want to consider concrete coating to give it the needed protection, before it starts to crumble and require costly repairs or replacements.

Protect Your Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are very durable, flexible and long-lasting. However, if they are constantly exposed to heavy machinery, trucks, chemicals and the like, they eventually give in to daily wear and tear faster than expected, most especially if it does not have the needed protection. No flooring material is indestructible, but there is such a thing as prolonging life expectancy.

Why are Concrete Coatings in San Antonio Important?

Concrete coating is essential because it improves and strengthens the overall functionality of your flooring system.

  • Daily StressEvery floor is exposed to some degree of stress, be it the usual foot traffic or by heavy equipment and vehicles. It becomescrucial therefore to give your concrete floor added protection by using high quality coating.

    The thickness of the coating has to be taken into account. Some people who have had their floor coated complain that it did not make much of a difference, which was mainly due to a very thin application. At Prepco Flooring LLC, we give your floor a 3/16’’ to ¼’’ coating if it deals with heavy impact such as truck traffic, while a 25 to 30 mill thick coating is applied to floors that are expected to be exposed only to foot traffic.

  • Temperature Variations and Corrosive ChemicalsThe normal temperature of a room is between 65 and 95 degrees withexpected changes that seasons bring about. Your floor coating should be able to adapt to such changes. Comparing epoxy coatings,Cement Urethanes and acrylic, are flexible and can adapt to extreme temperatures better.

    If your floor is constantly exposed to hydraulic oil, lactic acid, etching acid and several other chemicals, then you need concrete coatings in San Antonio to protect it. Our epoxy concrete coatings can withstand extreme temperatures and damages brought about by chemical spills.

  • Maintenance Requirement
    A quality epoxy coating makes cleaning hassle-free. Sometime a simple mopping or sweeping will do the job. Because of the easing up of the cleaning process, you can save from cleaning products and manpower.
  • Looks and Appeal
    Prepco Flooring LLC has a variety of colors and styles from which you can choose from. Plain, bare concrete can look quite unattractive and lifeless. With our epoxy coating solutions, you can definitely add more creativity and uniqueness.
  • Safety
    Safety should always be a priority in any industrial and commercial establishment. Prepco Flooring LLC understands the importance of keeping the crew safe at all times. Our concrete coatings in San Antonio will not only give your floor added protection but also offers a finish that adds to its reflective feature to enhance lighting. It also has this anti-skid property that preventsslipping and falling accidents. With epoxy coating, you achieve the floor levelness that is essential in any facility.

An effective and efficient flooring system depends on two main things: high quality materials and exceptional flooring services. Without one or the other, your concrete surface will eventually deteriorate prematurely. So, if you are in need of excellent epoxy concrete coatings in San Antonio with professional installation services, Prepco Flooring LLC is your company of choice. We would be so glad to hear from you. Call us at 218.360.0021.