Epoxy Flooring DIY Kit in San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to professional floor coating, it is best to let Prepco Flooring, LLC handle the job. Our team has the skill, the right training and the experience to accomplish any epoxy flooring project. We fully support home and business owners who actually want to do it themselves not only for the cost-saving benefit but also for the fulfillment they gain for getting the job done on their own.

High Quality Epoxy Flooring DIY Kit in San Antonio

Accomplishing an epoxy flooring on your own has become more possible with the several epoxy flooring DIY Kits available on the market. This kit is the perfect partner for beginners or people with minimal experience, because it is very easy to use. A solid resin-based epoxy coating mechanically bonds to a surface to create an impervious barrier that protects your flooring system from damages brought about by chemicals, heavy foot traffic, vehicular traffic, and daily wear and tear.

Ensuring the Success of a DIY Epoxy Flooring Project

Although an epoxy flooring DIY Kit in San Antonio makes the task a lot easier, there are still steps you need to follow to ensure that the project becomes a success. One of the most essential steps is floor preparation.

Floor Preparation Tips

One of the main reasons why a floor coating fails is because of poor floor preparation. Here are some tips to ensure that the floor is well-prepared:

  • Inspect – Make sure that the floor is not sealed or painted, because these will not allow the epoxy to bond effectively to the concrete. Old sealers, paints, or other protective coatings must be removed first before an epoxy is applied.
  • Moisture Test – Even if the floor looks dry, moisture can actually be evaporating off the surface. You may conduct a plastic sheet test or calcium chloride test to check if the floor is qualified for an epoxy coating. You can always consult experts regarding the calcium chloride test results.
  • Clean – It is very important to get rid of deep-seated dirt, oil and grease stains, molds and the like, because these do not only affect the aesthetic appeal of the floor but also the quality of mechanical bond between the concrete and the epoxy coating.
  • Profiling – This is the process of exposing the pores of the concrete floor to make the surface deal for epoxy bonding. You can either go for acid etching or surface grinding. An adequate acid etch is good for most applications but professional installers prefer surface grinding.
  • Repair – Before applying any epoxy, you must repair chips, divots and incorrectly aligned joints. Also, cracks should be filled, but void using latex crack repair products because these tend to shrink as they age, creating a depression underneath the surface.

Regardless of the quality of your San Antonio epoxy DIY Kit, the success of a do-it-yourself epoxy flooring project mainly lies on proper floor preparation and correct application. As for the application, simply follow the instructions provided in your chosen brand of DIY Kit, and you are good to go. If you want to take all the hassles of the project off your hands, you can always give us a call at 281.360.0012. Prepco Flooring, LLC will always be glad to be of help.