Established in 1952, Florock and Crawford Laboratories is among the pillars of the flooring industry in the United States. Famous for its distinctive line of Florock floor coatings, the company has made a name for itself as a premier provider of polymer coatings which will enable floorings to withstand an extremely broad range of conditions that they are exposed to. A menagerie of field and lab tests have proven time and again that Florock polymer coatings are among the best in the market, both for its value and its quality.

Florock polymer coatings have been used in industrial and commercial settings around the country. Their products can be found in the floors of a number of the most prestigious companies in the United States, such as airplane and automobile factories, large warehouses, and even factories and bases of the United States Military.

The range of products of Florock and Crawford Laboratories are among the best in the industry. Each product that comes out of the Florock line carry with it the years of research and development that has gone on to make the company what it is today. Recently, Florock has even embraced the green revolution by coming up with a line of products which not only protect the floorings of its clients; they protect the environment as well.

Florock has already proven itself time and time again as the premier industrial and commercial polymer coating provider in the country, but it does not stop there. Research and development is ever ongoing, making Florock a company which will continue to improve even more as time goes by. As it is, Florock is among the most invaluable partners that we at Prepco Flooring, LLC. have in providing customers such as yourself with the best flooring service available in the market today.