We at Prepco Flooring, LLC. have been around in the business for many years, and through that time, we have encountered many different needs from our clients. There are times when a customer needs something beyond basic flooring services, and for times such as those, we have found a company which has turned out to be a very capable and invaluable partner.

The Flowcrete Group has proven itself to be among the most innovative in the business today. With products that cater to practically any flooring need imaginable, the Flowcrete Group has gone on to become a key player in the industrial and commercial flooring industry. From antimicrobial flooring products to waterproof parking flooring solutions, Flowcrete has stood at the forefront of the industry.

The Flowcrete Group started from very humble beginnings. Started as a family business in the early 80’s, it has expanded rapidly with each new development in its product line. Utilizing fresh ideas and an ever present desire to try out new vistas in the flooring industry, Flowcrete has eventually built up its reputation as a trailblazer, coming up with products which are both unique, innovative, and most of all, effective.

Today, the Flowcrete group has taken the world by storm. Its influence has quickly spread through the United States, and through time, it has expanded even beyond the country. The client list of Flowcrete is beyond impressive, including iconic national organizations such as NATO, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and the Millennium Dome in London.

With 29 offices around the globe, Flowcrete stands as not only among the most prestigious companies in the world; it also stands as one of the fastest-growing. We at Prepco Flooring, LLC. are built the same way. We are passionate with what we do, and we settle for only the best, continually trying out new vistas in the industry. This is why we use only the best products to achieve the ends that we wish to meet. In terms of ends, Flowcrete has all but provided them excellently.