Superb Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Austin, Texas

Epoxy flooring is undoubtedly one of the top choices for commercial and industrial facilities which is also gaining traction in residential settings. With the industry competition heightened even more, epoxy flooring manufacturers continue to search for ways to deliver exceptional flooring solutions that do not fail to impress.

One of the hot new trends that is gradually finding its way to every structure is metallic epoxy flooring in Austin. If you are searching for a brilliant, unique and very creative finish for your concrete flooring, metallic epoxy is the way to go. This option has the ability to transform any dull and lifeless area into one that is vibrant and full of life.

What is Metallic Epoxy Coating?

This is a self-leveling epoxy coating that is made of 100% solid resin-based epoxy with metallic pigments added. This coating is designed to be manipulated to create stunning visual effects (which can be three dimensional) that offer unmatched appeal, depth and luster.

Once applied on the floor, the appearance of metallic epoxy can be enhanced through several application methods to create designs that are unique from others. One way is through the application of denatured alcohol to diffuse and move around the metallic epoxy to come up with visual effects of flowing water, molten metal, rolling waves, bubbling fluid, water ripples, and the like. A second color can also be introduced at the time of application for a two-toned finish. Originally designed for the Casino Industry where durability and appearance are a priority, metallic epoxy flooring is now being welcomed to several commercial, industrial and residential properties as well.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

This floor coating is not only all about looks. It is also very versatile, highly durable, and resistant to salt, oil, chemicals, acids, and to the several damaging elements a floor is exposed to every day. Maintenance is also very easy, and its high-reflective property enhances indoor lighting quality. Finally, it is also an eco-friendly flooring solution that can fit any setting. So, if you are searching for a long-lasting floor that looks absolutely stunning, metallic epoxy flooring in Austin should be on top of your list.

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