Shrimps Ahoy, Steam them, Boil them or Fry Them

Project: Best Sea Pack of Texas Case Study

Prepco Flooring LLC provided a Floor Topping for Best Sea Pack of Texas in 2007. This Sea Food outfit sprawls a 9,500 square foot in this Shrimp Processing Plant.

The company’s Plant is located in Danbury Texas and required a new floor topping that would provide a reliable and hygienic surface in the face of challenging conditions.

Trung Nahn, the president of Best Sea Pack, spent a lot of time researching companies. His goal was to find a long term Flooring Solution that would stand up to harsh conditions that his Processing Plant entailed.

Prepco Flooring met these challenges head on and after 8 years, the flooring solution that we provided has fulfilled our customer’s request. Since then we have provided many other customers with the same solutions. Let us design and Build a flooring solution that meets your production needs!

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