Our Epoxy Flooring Brands

Here at Prepco Flooring, LLC., we settle for nothing but the best. We employ only the most capable personnel and use only the most effective techniques in order to give you the ultimate floor for your home or business. We use the best materials in the trade.

Through the years we have been in business, we have found three companies which have become our invaluable allies in providing customers such as yourself the quality of work that has set us apart from the rest.

Florock has been on the flooring business for more than half a century. With this much experience, it is no exaggeration to state that they are considered as one of the pillars of the business. Producing their own materials, they have built a reputation for coming up with the best products. They specialize in Polymer Flooring and this is why we utilize Florock products for our polymer flooring projects.

Flowcrete is among the most innovative companies in the flooring business today. Established 30 years ago, Flowcrete has quickly garnered worldwide acclaim for the unique design and effectiveness of its products. Catering to practically every flooring need in the market, Flowcrete has quickly become one of the most invaluable partners of Prepco Flooring, LLC. in delivering the best quality service for the best price possible.