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Flooring And Safety

We take pictures of our project sites and file them accordingly. Some images show an epoxy flooring project done in one of our client’s facility. In the picture, you can see how good your floors will look. There are more images that … Continue Reading »

How To Know When You Need New Flooring Solutions

With our long experience in the trade, our portfolio on projects which we have accomplished, have increased in size. Our innovative services in floor covering are not only known in the USA, but nationwide as well. We always make it a point … Continue Reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Need to Know about Epoxy: Resin, Floor, Coating, and Its Benefits

Do you know what epoxy resin is apart from epoxy floor and coating? Here’s everything you need to know, including the benefits of epoxy flooring. Continue Reading »

Everything You Need to Know about Moisture Vapor Transmission(MVT)

Not all coatings for industrial concrete floors in Houstonoffer the protection that you need to fight moisture vapor related damage. Often times concrete floor moisture problems turn out to be issues of concrete slab moisture vapor transmission(MVT). This is a problem where … Continue Reading »

Florock Commercial Flooring Used in Virtually Every Business

Something you may not traditionally consider when walking through a mall is what exactly it is that you are stepping on. You may just put one step in front of the other and completely focus on the purchases you are about to … Continue Reading »

Flowcrete Goes Green with New Products from Recycled Materials

At Prepco Flooring,LLC., we use a few different brands of flooring based on what the customer wants or needs. There are many considerations when choosing the best flooring, and we help the customer make the right decision for their commercial business. In … Continue Reading »

Florock Specialty Floors for the Food and Beverage Industry is a Top Choice

There are certain demands in the food and beverage industry that must be met in order to continue being successful. You must maintain specific pieces of equipment, have high food quality standards and have a proper work space. Part of maintaining a … Continue Reading »

Shrimps Ahoy, Steam them, Boil them or Fry Them

Project: Best Sea Pack of Texas Case Study Prepco Flooring LLC provided a Floor Topping for Best Sea Pack of Texas in 2007. This Sea Food outfit sprawls a 9,500 square foot in this Shrimp Processing Plant. The company’s Plant is located … Continue Reading »

Safety Tips for Epoxy Resin Systems

Although epoxy flooring is a durable, spill proof alternative to concrete floors in Houston and a beautiful way to make your business or home come to life, there are some health hazards associated with its installation. At Prepco Flooring LLC., we properly … Continue Reading »

Diversified Building System

  Customer: Diversified Building System Corporation Locations:Sulphur Springs, Texas Prepco Flooring was contacted by Diversified Building System Corporation to provide an Industrial Strength Polymer System on a 25,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Sulphur Springs Texas. Diversified Building Corporation moved from California … Continue Reading »

Performing a Calcium Chloride Vapor Emission Test

The calcium chloride vapor emission test is one of the two most well-known tests which measures the amount of moisture in a concrete slab. This was developed over half a century ago to quantify the moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) in a … Continue Reading »

Florock Debuts New High Performance Products for Concrete Floors

At Prepco Flooring, LLC., we constantly search for great ways to improve our services, because we want nothing but the best for you. One way of accomplishing this is keeping tabs on new and improved products that have been put in the … Continue Reading »

The Difference between Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Floor Coating…and Epoxy Paint?

When it comes to commercial, industrial and residential flooring, one of the top choices is epoxy flooring. It provides durable, tough, versatile, slip-resistant and aesthetically appealing floors that lasts for many years. With 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, we … Continue Reading »

Why is a Moisture Vapor Emission Test Important?

There is no doubt that epoxy concrete floor coatings offer durability and are abrasion resistant which best suit commercial and industrial facilities that are constantly exposed to high traffic and heavy impacts. It is a concrete flooring solution that is very versatile … Continue Reading »

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